How to access an old Hotmail Account without a password?

reactivate old Hotmail account

Reactivate Hotmail account without password

Hotmail provides several options to recover any Hotmail account. You can get the recovery done by using a registered email id, phone number, secret questions, etc.

Simple steps to recover Hotmail account

1. At first go to the Hotmail login page

2. Enter the username or phone number and click on the net

3. On the password page, click on the forgot password tab

4. Now there will appear some recovery options

5. You can choose the verification code method, in that you enter your registered email id or phone number

6. Click on the next; now you will get a verification code on the selected option

7. On the screen, enter the code you received and click next

8. Now will be able to access option, through which you can reset your password

9. Follow the instruction on the screen to change your password, and confirm it

reactivate old Hotmail Account.

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