How to choose a Budget gaming laptop in India

There was a time when we used to give a second thought before choosing a laptop due to its high price range but with time even laptops became affordable and now in modern India, even gaming laptops are available at very affordable rates.

Today we have many lists of laptops for gaming actually it became quite a daunting task to choose the best gaming laptop for you, before going with options we always know the specs you should consider while buying them.

budget gaming laptop

Processor (CPU)

gaming laptop

Graphics card (GPU)

Your gaming device needs a dedicated graphics card with a good selection of coprocessors, gtx 1650 is good option in the budget do not go with lower than that 1650ti is better but on a low budget, it is difficult to get.

Ram memory:

Ram is 8GB with upgradable option laptop is good at least 16GB you must go with there are 24GB and 32GB upgradable laptops available if you want more you can go with 32GB.

Hard disk storage:

Cheap gaming devices come with HDD storage which is not ideal for you as SSD is a must for fast devices and storage, if your budget not allowing for now you can go with HDD but make sure it has an SSD slot to upgrade, ideally 256GB SSD you must have 512GB SSD is excellent.

Battery life:

gaming laptop

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