Tube Mastery and monetization

Tube mastery and monetization this book is gide you how to grow your organic traffic and best analyze your ranking monetize a YouTube channel and video. So many videos creater are use this E-book strategy and achieve high quality traffic on his channel

I love creating videos on YouTube but recently I’ve begun to search for alternatives. Why? Because YouTube monetization is hard to achieve, and even once you’ve achieved it, there’s no guarantee that YouTube monetization will actually earn you much money at all.

There are benefits to creating videos on YouTube. For one, it’s easy — you can upload and go. I’ve made just under 100 videos, earned around $2,000, and gained 8,000 subscribers in the year and a half since I began uploading. Plus, you don’t need to be a savvy marketer or salesperson, because YouTube monetization relies on advertisers rather than you distributing and selling your own content. However, this means the relationship between the actual value of your video to viewers and how much money you get from it are totally independent. Instead of your viewers deciding how much your content is worth to them, advertisers decide how much your viewers are worth to them, the advertisers.

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