Online pishe kaishe kamaye 2021

Online paisha kaise kamaye 2021

Jail control committee reviewing the electronic capital fence built during the lockdown which proposes installation of CCTV system and to be manned by CCTV cameras—this according to ANI. The jail control committee is also likely to extend an extension to 2020 about the Wi-Fi system. (ANI Photo)

A $1.6 billion project for creating an Electronic Circuitr system using video and voice monitoring and automatic door opening are among the agenda at the Digital Solutions Council, an online cabinet for setting certain infrastructure-related standards and policies during the current coronavirus pandemic.

According to a senior official in the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), the curfewing system is being linked to landlines and cellphones, which would allow users to access data anytime and from anywhere. The system of cameras is meant to update the screen of Deputy Communes Commissioner at the specified time to make sure that the entire security apparatus is functioning properly, and the Citizen Watch Committee is working independently in each region.

In addition, the system has potential for allowing both groups and individual members to build programs such as standard-setting for service access, use of urban mobile phone network and Wi-Fi networks.

“The commission is currently reviewing the Electronic Circuitr by a group led by Member of Parliament Dr. Zafar Akbarbhai. The Bharat Bandh Session at the India Pavilion at CES-20 was the first and this is the first annual themed event in the country. As such, the other sessions are being planned and appropriate infrastructure is being laid for such an undertaking. The commission also envisages doing the same at the national level,” said the official.

The NCR takes on an exemplary demand, and the administration plays an active role. “Depending on supply, the NCR has the biggest demand for prisons in the country. Thus, all NCR jails are being upgraded through various schemes. The tariff rates will be deregulated once it goes live. A meeting on the NCR as a bid to ease employment of the health professionals is also taking place,” said the official.

There is a government-determined minimum wage of ₹12,000 per month for health professionals who work in jails. The MEITY will be establishing a portal to provide appropriate guidelines.

Additionally, he said, all the bodywork of establishing the Network services panel in the NCR is planned and functioning. “The fixed tariff charged in MIMs and RTLS will be accommodated in the network services tariff and once active, they can help the transporter to avail him NTPS cards. One network IP port is being made into four and this includes toll-free facilities like teleconference, PSTN and call screening. An official-level meeting is being organized to review the Infrastructure Service Framework," he said.

The MEITY is taking the issue in the south region at the regional level, which forms a part of Union Territories (UT) and Puducherry. It is required to set such a framework in COVID-19 phases to ensure that the relaxation of standards are done in each region of the country in the next few years, the official added.

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