The possibilities of online video converters are nearly limitless when it comes to the places you can visit and applications you can test. There are many software packages and platforms you can make use of, like Adobe Creative Cloud. I personally sign up on the discounted plan and I use about 3-4 applications of the entire 20-30 applications that they offer. Dreamweaver is my favorite program for programming. Photoshop is great for images and manipulating. Audition also offers the ability to play mp3s and Illustrator is used for any other graphic design tasks. I tried two or three other programs, but it's cheaper to get the whole package if more than one Adobe app is used in the cloud. Utilize 2 - it's less expensive to pay for the whole cloud array...

But , the Adobe tools can't do the same thing. This is downloading video from Youtube. It turns out that downloading Youtube videos is legal per se, but it is unethical since it violates YouTube's Terms of Service when they first go to and sign up for an account. This is an excellent reason for Adobe and other major software companies to not pursue this particular area. But, there exist a number of video converters to choose from. They are often no longer supported, which means they will become obsolete within 2-3 months. Or they are outdated, leaving one wondering if they can be trusted.

Keepvid is a great example. Keepvid was a site that sold a special software bundle that contained a Youtube video downloader. They also offered other tools like IDtags editor as well as Youtube playlist converter. In 2018, however after deciding that Big Sound and Labels were too for their needs, Keepvid decided to close the entire project which involved Youtube. All copies, including the lifetime licenses - all disappeared in just a few weeks. This is because software needs constant updates. Youtube changes something in the process of delivering content, and the software must be altered to adapt to that.

This is why I like online audio and video converters. Online audio and video converters provide a variety of advantages over software. They offer many advantages over software.

You can also download Youtube videos online using an online video converter. This program can convert Youtube videos to mp4 or mp3 files. You can convert Youtube videos to MP3 or MP4 using an online converter. It's simple. All you need to do is look up for the YouTube video, and then click it. Then, download it with right-click. Or MP3. It will take a few seconds. It's simple, it's tidy and fast. It also offers so much more functionality than software. I'm interesting to see why they aren't with their own software... Just wait..

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