This app is a great laugher. It gives you free MP3s and an incredible attitude.

One would assume that everyone looks out for themselves nowadays. But not with this tiny app. Mp3 LOL is the name of the app and it's breaking the internet with incredible results. It has been viral for at three or four weeks at the most. It's a tiny YouTube-to-mp3 conversion that you will absolutely be awed by. The app converts Youtube videos to audios that you can play on your smartphone, laptop or desktop. All you need to do is envision what music you like, what track you'd prefer to convert into mp3 then input the search term or keyword, and will display an assortment of videos online that are mostly from Youtube and other sites, which it believes are relevant to the search you are making. After that, you click on thumbnails to convert any of these videos to audio.

This process is extremely simple and requires no technology experience other than the device you're using and an internet connection. Any device can be used to connect to Mp3.LOL. The songs you love and videos are DVR-ed and stored to your device within seconds. This is something kids often do and has been in use for years and now you can take it for an additional or third spin. The great thing about music that is great is that it is easy to download an app similar to Mp3 LOL. This is cost-free and will allow you to convert any Youtube song to mp3 or other audio formats.

It's basically the wrapper for the website. It's a function of Android and Windows websites that use special functionality, like creating a cache of data on your device to allow later access in offline times using a web browser, they are called web-apps and they are not new. They occupy literally zero space on your device and they also add additional functions to the website, like managing playlists or MP4 file downloads. It's user-friendly and it's free.


4.7 Star App Store Review!***uke
The Communities are great you rarely see anyone get in to an argument :)
Love Love LOVE

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