Business Mentoring – It’s Benefit for an Aspiring Entrepreneurs and His Organisation

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How does a Business Mentor or Coach Help Aspirants?

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A business mentor essentially serves as someone who possesses extensive commercial knowledge and experience. She/He serves as a trustworthy confidante who counsels over an extended period, usually free of charge. On the professionals' part, being a mentor to an aspiring and up-and-coming entrepreneur serves as a great way of giving back to the community and society. The guidance and advice widely levy measurable impact in helping their mentees throughout the process.


Mentor commonly advises their mentees to work on their skills as a teacher, strategist, manager, or a consultant. They leverage their experience and knowledge by proffering counsel, advice, network contacts, and political and cultural know-how, combining them with ongoing personal encouragement and support. An ideal mentee-mentor relationship works in both directions – the mentor gets to learn from newer ideas, strategies, and tactics, while the mentee learns from the timeless wisdom from them.

How do Business Mentoring Benefit an Organisation?

Business mentoring essentially serves as a process that helps activate the mentee's skills associated with their current role. It helps in grooming oneself for the next task. The process of mentoring helps in producing high-quality decisions that define them, their authority, and their effectiveness. They offer a confidential thinking room, sounding board, and support for working through critical and usually complicated decisions.


Throughout the process, the primary beneficiary is the mentee. While professionals who mentor benefit from the process in some unexpected ways. The best results are commonly achieved when the mentor and mentee hit the right chemistry and respect and like each other.


To conclude, a business mentor strives to foster the career development of the mentee. It helps commercial entities to boost staff loyalty while retaining the best employees.


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