How to Choose the Perfect Tattoo Design for You?

Having a tattoo from the best way to express your uniqueness and individuality. The great abundance of tattoo designs and ideas can make it difficult to choose a meaningful tattoo because you will need to know the difference between it and a simple design that you like.

After all, the only limits that exist are your imagination and the gifts of the tattoo artist. Many people choose their tattoos simply based on aesthetics. Many others, however, choose a design that represents something meaningful to their life, beliefs, values, loves, or experiences.

Thigh Tattoo Ideas


Births, marriages, and other important circumstances are easy to commemorate with a calendar date tattoo. Dates can be written in different styles, characters, and fonts (think Roman numerals, calendars, calligraphy…). Zodiac symbols are always loaded with meaning and don't change: this is also an interesting option. Each month of birth also corresponds to a stone, a flower, and an animal: each of these elements is a good choice of tattoo. You can also turn to the Chinese horoscope and get a tattoo of the animal that represents your year of birth.

Portraits of children, spouses, and parents are also meaningful tattoo designs. These tattoos are ageless when done in black and gray. You can also place filigree details in your designs that will create a Victorian cameo style.

You can even ask your tattoo artist to make a unique piece of a person in a beautiful, jewel-inspired tattoo style. The talent of the artist will be central in this type of tattoo, which is why you should research the recommendations and reviews of artists online and take a good look at the artists' books. Portraits can be very good… or very bad.

If you choose this type of tattoo, be sure to provide a clear, high-quality photo to give the artist the best model possible, so that they copy it faithfully.

Verses and writings

Tattoos that represent words and phrases can express your favorite life motto and be worn as a daily affirmation. Placed on the inside of your wrist or on your forearm, where they will be more visible, word tattoos can also be inspired by the lyrics of a song, a poem, or quotes from books. You can also ask a relative - child, parent, friend - for a signature that the tattoo artist will copy. Some people pay homage to a deceased person by reproducing their signature on a tattoo design.

Favorite movies, book characters, and video games

From Pokemon to superheroes, the tattoo industry has enough flair and flair to replicate anything you can imagine in the field.

Out of ideas?

If you just can't make up your mind, take the time to find an artist who will work with you to create a tattoo that's right for you. Once you've revealed some personal details, most tattoo artists will be able to come up with a few designs based on your interests, hobbies, life circumstances, and suggest some ideas that match your size and positioning preferences. But even though the artist's suggestion is great, make sure it suits you before you adopt it.

Don't be in a rush to choose a design, especially if you want a meaningful tattoo. Remember this is a permanent drawing (unless you want to go through a painful process of erasing).

world tattoo portal

Keep in mind the placement of the tattoo as the location will influence the size and style of the tattoo. Some people group several meaningful tattoos. Others even plan their next tattoos as part of a larger work that will come true over time.

Today's artists benefit from a lot of opportunities in this sector as tattoos have become more socially acceptable. Taking all the time necessary to prepare a meaningful tattoo is worth it. You will wear your body art for the rest of your life, so choose it wisely.

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