5 Things to Examine If Your Law Firm’s Website Loses Rankings

You endeavour to ensure your key pages rank well – and afterwards one day you notice that your pages aren't showing up where they used to. That is because search is continually advancing. Ideally, you'd accomplish a great rank and stay there, however that is not how the landscape functions. You need to reliably strive to keep up with your law firm's search engine optimization (SEO) ranking. You probably won't have the option to perceive any reason why your law firm's website loses rankings, and it may not have anything to do with the website. Here are 5 reasons why your law firms' website lose rankings.

1. Competitors change strategies

Numerous specialists say that the objective of SEO is to beat your competition, not the algorithm. New websites are building every day, and some of them will compete with yours. Some of them may even be better than yours if you haven't updated your website in a while. Besides, the new content has a freshness that will work for it in the SEO algorithms. Make sure to analyse your competitors consistently and make a better digital presence than them.

2. Change in SEO algorithms

This is a factor that should promptly strike to mind that you notice your rankings change. The specific formulas that decide search rankings are continually changing, and just somebody with very close information of those algorithms will realize precisely what's changed and how best to get ready for those changes. Stay up to date on updates, and reliably set up SEO strategies.

3. User expectation changes

Perhaps the biggest reason for SEO algorithm change is that users' behaviour and requirements change. The sort of content they need to see, what devices they're using, and the intent behind keywords change over time. Follow search trends to see how searcher intent changes. Keep updated on how target audience expectations change over time. It is better to hire a legal SEO expert who can better keep pace on SEO updates but also users changing trends that how people search.

4. Made Website changes

Letting your website never updated will truly hurt your rankings. Nonetheless, reviving content on an existing webpage can cause a drop in rankings, just as cause little technical errors that can wind up harming your rankings. Most importantly before you make any changes to your website, you should understand the ranking implications. You might be opening yourself up to technical things that can impact your traffic or ranking. It is a good idea to make changes in little clusters so that, if you see issues, it's simpler to pinpoint where things turned out wrong.

5. Outside factors can create changes

There are additionally quite a few things – outside of your website or search engine – that can cause your website ranking to change. There are many factors you could change, and some you can't do anything about.


Toward the day's end, SEO doesn't exist in a vacuum. Numerous conditions can influence how search engine results are presented and many factors that might add to your law firm's website losing rankings. Your very own marketing strategies and activities can modify your search rankings, and sometimes things occurring outside of your law firm will change your ranking. It's good to stay aware of SEO changes as much you can, yet doing SEO best practices and proactively keeping an SEO strategy is the most secure strategy against losing rank over time.

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