Sale of a patent for an invention and utility model

You can get income not only through daily mental or physical labor. He can be based on the use of his intellectual creativity, or rather a patent for an invention and industrial design . A new invention presented to the world can fully provide its creator, if the latter manages to properly dispose of its capabilities.

There are many ways to profit from using a patent. One of the most popular and effective ones is selling a patent.

How to sell a patent correctly and get the most out of it?

You need to prepare for the sale. You can carry out all operations related to the sale yourself or by contacting specialists.

One way to start preparing is to create a blog or website dedicated to the invention. The pages of such a project should contain detailed data, such as high-quality photographs, drawings, drawings, descriptions, even videos. It is better to give potential buyers comprehensive data, show the invention from all angles, indicate dimensions and other important properties. The principle of operation should be described in great detail, indicating the advantages and mentioning the invaluable benefits and potential that are brought. In other words, the seller's task is to induce an irresistible desire in the buyer to buy the development as soon as possible.

Advertising is equally important. The site must be promoted so that as many people as possible read the information posted on it. Links can be posted on thematic forums, left in comments on portals and in other places where potential buyers of the patent can go.

Do not forget about placing an advertisement for sale on message boards related to intellectual resources. On such sites, there are a huge number of proposals for the sale of patents. Thousands of bids from competitors will be posted in the neighborhood. It's great if there is a way to stand out from the rest. Companies looking for innovative solutions know their business and easily identify worthwhile options from the crowd of others. There are several services for placing such advertisements and it is better to "light up" at all.

If experience and knowledge is not enough, you can always use the services of patent brokers. Such specialists are engaged in the sale and purchase of patented objects, and their earnings are made up of their percentage of transactions. Usually this is 3-20% of the total.

The patent rocker profession is extremely popular in the United States. This is due to the fact that the sale of patents there is comparable to a conveyor belt, since a lot of security documents are sold and bought there every day. In Ukraine, such services are just beginning to develop and gain popularity. However, it is quite possible to find a good broker, you just need to make some effort, study the available information, read reviews, chat on the forums - and the job is done.

patent broker

After the buyer is determined and ready to purchase, the last stage remains - registration of the sale of rights to the intellectual property object in accordance with all the requirements of the law. This is usually formalized as an assignment of the patent by drawing up a sales contract. In other cases, an exchange agreement is drawn up. It must be registered according to the generally accepted legal procedure.

Before selling copyrights, one should seriously think about and analyze the real possibilities, the cost of a patent, and its potential. There are many examples of how inventors were in too much of a hurry to make a profit from the sale, after which they bitterly regretted their deed. For example, a pensioner from Norway could hardly imagine that selling a patent for ugg boots for only $ 10,000 was not a good idea. But the new owners of the patent are probably very pleased with their acquisition.

Of course, you shouldn't overestimate the price too much without good reason “just in case”, as this can simply scare away buyers.

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