The King With One...

Once there was a king, a very good ruler, whom all citizens loved.

He was very intelligent and helped everyone in the kingdom.


The King was handicap, he only had one eye and one leg. But he never minded that.

Once he was taking a walk in the courtyard of palace, where paintings of his forefathers were hung.

He was looking at them proudly, but when he came to the end of the row a vacant space was there for him too.

He got tensed, that how his painting is going to be beautiful, because he didn’t had one eye and one leg.

So, he decided to call upon all the painters of his and neighbouring kingdoms.

After three days, all painters gathered at King’s court.

Then he announced, anyone who will create a beautiful picture of mine, would be rewarded with gems.

All the painters thought how can anyone make a beautiful painting of someone who don’t have one eye and one leg.

No one except one accepted the offer.

Everyone was surprised, how could he?

Even the king was surprised, how can someone make a beautiful painting of such an appearance.

(Months Passed)

After three months that painter came with the painting.

Everyone was so curious to see the painting, that there was no place to stand in the court.

Finally the moment came, it was time for the show.

With a deadly suspence of a few minutes, everyone saw the painting and was surprised like anything.

In the painting, king was riding a horse, so only his one leg was visible and was aiming with bow and arrow, so his one eye was closed to aim.

The king became infinitely happy and gave him one-fourth of his kingdom.


Here everyone focused on what king didn’t had, but that exceptional painter focused on what king had.

So, you must focus on what you have, instead of complaining about what you don’t have.


Personally I'm a good friend, a good human and professionally I'm a creative writer and a blogger. What I want is a smile on everyone's face atleast when I'm with them..
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