Things Gone Wrong

There were two farmers lived in a village.

Both of them were equally hardworking and, earned as much to feed themselves.

Both of them when grown old, Lord Yamraj (Lord of death in Hindu Mythology) took both of their souls with him.

Yamraj asked them about the life they spent and asked them to tell their wishes for next life.

First : I’m very angry with the life, I spent my whole life paying loans and other interests to rich people. This time I want money, money comes to me. I don’t have to give money to anyone.

Yamraj : Okay, go and enjoy, your wishes are granted.

Second : I’m fully satisfied with the life I spent, I had enough to feed myself and my family. But I have only one request, this time give me some extra money, so that I can give it to the bagger which always comes but I didn’t had enough to give.

Yamraj : Okay, go on your wishes are granted.

Both born again in the same village.

Many years passed.

This time both were not on the same level.

First : The first farmer was a bagger, as he demanded that money always comes to him and he don’t have to give it to anyone. So, now he don’t have to.

Second : He was the richest man in the village, and as demanded was able to give to baggers.


Always think positive, but with that think wisely and don’t be selfish.

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