Why You Need to Hire Practiced and Best AC Repair in Delhi?

best AC repair in Delhi

Some of the most frequent mistakes one might face in their AC are water leaking from inner or outer unit, fault in condenser coil, problem in compressor or its fan, gas leakage or need for refilling it with compatible gas like R-410A, R-32; air filter cleaning or changing, collection of ice inside the unit i.e. on evaporator coil, clogged drainage of the waste water, appliance is producing excessive of noise or vibration, etc.

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Proceeding further in this blog, we will discuss some of the most frequent problems one might face in their AC.

Some of the Frequent Problems Are –

Problem of Water Leakage

This is one of the most regular mistakes of all times. It can be in inner unit or outer in the case of split AC. The utmost reasons behind this are the clogged waste water pipelines, formation of ice on the compressor, any kind of defect in compressor or its fan, etc.

How to Fix –

Mavens Care

AC Not Cooling Adequately

If your AC is showing symptoms related to fault in cooling than there must be some sort of issues related to gas leakage, time for periodic gas refilling, fault in evaporator coil, mistake in compressor or its fan, clogged air filters, and, so on. It is also suggested not to ignore any issues as it might result in total loss of your appliance.

How to Fix –

AC Gas Refilling in DelhiMavens Care

Last But Not the Least –

We have covered two of the most repeated faults one might face using an AC. And tried our level best to make you understand their reasons and fixations. 


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