Choosing The Right Bunk Bed With Stairs For Your Children

Do you remember the time when bunk beds were the most uncomfortable beds, manufactured in old military styles made from metal? And not to forget getting in, out, and accessing the top bunk was not less than torture. Fast forward to today with the different sizes, colors, and styles, creative customizations with stairs or ladders have made bunk bed a piece of must-have furniture in children's room.

triple bunk bed

Below are some points to consider, so you know that you have picked the right bunk bed:

Make sure the room is big enough to support a bunk bed:

And not to forget, the height of the lower and top bunk. With that being said, the lower bunk should have plenty of space to meet your child's requirements. Also, when they grow, there should be enough room for them to move and sit straight up without hitting the bed or ceiling.

bunk beds with stairs

Make sure your kid is mature enough for a bunk bed:

Even if they are above the age of six, safety should be your prime concern. So while getting a custom quote for a bunk bed don't forget to add extra safety rails, small staircases, and of course plenty of pull-out drawers to equip them with the best! Figure out the right design that is appropriate for their current age and will grow with them as their needs evolve.

An apt way to access the bunk bed- Stair or Ladder?

Although when it comes to the placement, every room is different and there is no one size fits all. So you can consider these general guidelines and adapt them to your bunk bed design:

1. Straight stairs are best to be placed against the wall for maximum protection.

2. For U-shaped stairs, it is best to have more space so it is much easier to ascend and descend.

It is best to get a custom bed, so you can get it done according to your kid's needs and preferences. All in all, you need to take the layout and the space clearance into consideration before you splurge on the first bunk bed you like. Plus, choose a design that will allow them to adjust!

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