It was me.. My children are terrible at this. They think that the WiFi on the top of the mountain isn't very good. While it's tiny it isn't in the normal range of cell networks. My children must search for better internet connections while my wife and me set the camping spots in small areas. We will be staying here for a couple of days. There is a tiny stream that is close to the site that provides clean water even though we do not have it. Yes, that too.. My wife can't camp without a good supply of clean water and we carry our water all the times.

And so my children are getting back on their social networks, while I am enjoying the view.. It's not huge, but it's completely surrounded by larger hills. Every once in awhile, we make it out into the hills to reconnect with Mother Nature. While I do take pleasure in these excursions, it is not my intention to initiate them. My wife insists on doing it possibly because she understands how much I love being out in the wild. My children are completely different. Internet is usually unavailable. Sometimes there is a cloud or magnetic motions can disrupt the streaming song for a few minutes before it resumes. This can be annoying even for me because it causes me to listen to the entire thing take place.

So, after a number of trips that were without internet access and our regular internet kept dropping in and out of service We determined to be prepared. We, and I mean my wife and I here, made the decision to prepare for the situation when they, our children are without internet for more than 10 minutes.. We came up with two sources of entertainment we can access whenever internet access isn't accessible when we go camping. The tablet contained music videos and some of the most popular songs on it. The most effective Youtube MP3 converter made it possible to extract music from videos and convert them to MP3 files, which we could download to our tablet. It also supports playlists, so it was quick, even though it sounds awful. If one is feeling bored or down one could play music, watch videos or the best part is that they can listen to music through blue tooth-connected headphones. It's great, isn't it?! There is no sound from this item..

The second tablet was mostly filled with cartoons and TV shows we have downloaded thru Hulu and Netflix apps that have offline storage for later watching. While the quality isn’t the greatest, it's sufficient enough to hold many seasons of cartoons and shows, including Family Guy, Disenchantment, and Breaking Bad. It was very entertaining and very simple too.. Install the app, turn on downloads for offline viewing and download episodes, and mark them for download and forget that the app will download them on its own. Tablet 2 came 1 or 2 trips after tablet 1 but when it finally came to join us in The Wild, there was no stopping my children from using is and watching TV shows. There were some DIY videos I put on for things like making the tent and the skinning of fresh fish. These are the things that aren't something you'll perform at home. These videos were downloaded from Youtube. I converted them to MP4 then transferred them to my tablet. It's much easier to have videos on your tablet when you're working and don't need to wait for video to be streamed.

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