Fresh Meat Packaging Market Import-Export, Industry Chain Structure And Development Opportunities 2020-2028

Packaging Companies Adhere to Good Food Safety Practices to Avoid COVID-19 Contamination

Since it is suspected that the novel coronavirus may have originated from animals, stakeholders have become more aware about maintaining the safety of meat. There is a high chance of transmission of COVID-19 from food and food packaging. Hence, companies in the fresh meat packaging market are educating their logistics partners and other stakeholders in the value chain to avoid cross contamination while packaging the meat.

fresh meat packaging market

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Case-ready Packaging Maximizes Protection, Alleviates Demand Uncertainties

Amid health concerns surrounding the novel coronavirus, companies in the fresh meat packaging market are boosting their output capacities for case-ready packaging solutions. These solutions not only help to maximize protection of raw meat, but are also used to offset supply and demand uncertainties.


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Eco-friendly Individual Packets Enable Perfectly Portioned Servings of Seafood

Companies in the fresh meat packaging market are increasing efforts to draw design innovations in seafood packaging. They are boosting their production capabilities in eco-friendly individual packets that are perfectly portioned servings. In order to make seafood products approachable, companies should improve their design capabilities to ensure food safety and freshness of the product.

Modified atmosphere packaging is a fast growing phenomenon in the poultry industry, since this meat supports growth of microorganisms. Even seafood packaging requires high concentrations of carbon dioxide as compared to poultry.

Companies Focus on Improving Packaging Design, Material Exposure Capabilities for Lamb Meat

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