How NOT to Ruin your Sunglasses on the Beach

In the summer look, sunglasses can not be missing, precious friends to protect the eyes from the sun's rays. Often, the frames are so beautiful that we are inclined to buy them for pure aesthetic taste so as to show an impeccable style.

But what happens if we take sunglasses to the sea?

When you go to the beach, sunglasses will have to face two bitter enemies: sand and salt, which can ruin both the lenses and the frame.

Therefore, it is important to choose a sunglasses frame made with quality materials, which guarantee long-lasting resistance.

Let's find out all the curiosities about how to keep your sunglasses intact after spending a day at the beach!

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How to clean salt and sand from sunglasses

If the salt and sand have damaged your sunglasses after a whole day at the beach, you need the utmost care in cleaning: the important thing is not to compromise the frame of the glasses as well as the lenses and not to be in a hurry in the cleaning operation.

Sunglasses covered by saltiness should never be dry cleaned, as any residual sand, if rubbed on the lenses, can scratch them. In fact, it is recommended to first remove the halos using specific products easily available in any optical shop and then pass a soft cloth. However, in extreme cases, in order not to damage the sunglasses, you can wash them with warm water and always dry them very gently with a soft cloth, and never with handkerchiefs that would only worsen the situation.

How to keep sunglasses safe

Sunglasses are now an essential accessory used by both adults and children. To keep your sunglasses always well cared for, you need to know that they must be stored in their special case when not worn and inserted with the lenses facing upwards. They should not be stored on metal or plastic surfaces, as many models do not have the proper capabilities to withstand hot temperatures and risk deteriorating very quickly.

A classic for those who are always at ease with sunglasses is to forget even to wear them, especially when it comes time to take a dip in the sea and only once you have immersed your head under the water you realize that you have not left your sunglasses. Your glasses under the umbrella, Avoiding these inconveniences allows you to always keep your favorite accessory safe. A hard case is an ideal solution to protect the glasses from bumps and prevent them from coming into contact with other objects in the bag that could damage them. Finally, if you move from the beach to a closed place for an aperitif, you will most likely end up wearing the glasses by moving them on your head, and even if this seems a comfortable solution, in reality wearing the glasses in an incorrect position can deform them.

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