Guide for Beach Towels in The Summer Holiday

Summer is coming, and the need to be ready to go to the beach returns.

The traditional towel is a must when you go down to the beach. And today there are all kinds. Think of the traditional terry towel or other more elegant, design, and refined materials.

As always, everyone's needs make the difference: think, for example, of those who want to travel in comfort and are looking for a towel to put in their backpack.

beach towels

Size and material

A beach towel is a towel of a particular size compared to those used in the bathroom.

On the market, there are sheets of all sizes, materials, and colors.

From the smallest ones for children and teenagers to others of extra large size, extremely popular in recent years as a design element

Once the size has been decided, we move on to the material: and almost always, we go to evaluate between sponge or microfiber. The first was the most requested until a few years ago, almost an obligation for those who went to the beach given its characteristic of absorbing water.

Over time, microfiber beach towels and even cotton began to spread, more refined products for colorful beach towels of sure design.

The last differentiation that must be evaluated is linked to the final use that will be made of the towel: are they towels for boys? Or beach towels for adults?

Beach towels guide for children and adults

Beach towels for boys are obviously more vibrant in shades; colored beach towels, and almost always in sponge material, which is more resistant and therefore more suitable for children.

Microfiber towels are more delicate but have the advantage of practicality on their side: in fact, we are talking about very thin towels that take up very little space in the suitcase or backpack. This is of fundamental importance if you have to deal with hand luggage, for example when leaving by plane.


Basically, the choice is vast, colored beach towels or softer shades, towels for children or adults, in terry, microfiber, or cotton, colored towels for a summer full of panache.

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