FFXIV Fashion Report - News Desk Formal

The FFXIV News Desk Formal Fashion Report hints are revealed, so you'll start trying to place them together with your outfit. If you’re a Fashion Report veteran, then you almost certainly have some pretty good ideas on what you ought to wear. If not, well, then you would possibly have some problems. So, in our FFX14 Fashion Report – News Desk Formal guide, we’ll offer you our greatest picks for this week’s outfit.

News Desk Formal FF14 Fashion Report Solution

The FFXIV News Desk Formal is that this week’s Fashion Report theme, and therefore the “hints” have already been unveiled, as you'll see within the image above. Interestingly, if you’ve been participating in previous Fashion Reports, you would possibly even have a reasonably good idea of what the solutions could be. Well, going by the fairly well-researched comment posted by Reddit user Rethagos, who brings up some very salient points supported previous Fashion Reports, I present to you an inventory of potential solutions to the present week’s clothing “puzzle.”

· Body: Well-Suited – Best Man’s Jacket

· Hands: Coiled Finally – Dreadwyrm Gloves of (???)

· Legs: Reborn – ARR lvl45 job quest legs

Earring – Proto Posh – Proto Ultima Earrings of (???)

FFXIV Fashion Report

From there, head to Wonder Square and find Kasumi and therefore the Masked Rose. the previous can sell you some clothing items, while the latter will offer you this week’s theme. After you’ve assembled your outfit, ask The Masked Rose again. they're going to judge your outfit, and therefore the closer you're to fulfilling the wants, the higher your reward is going to be.

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