Book vs. Movie: Syrup by Maxx Barry

Syrup is an interesting tale and movie about the grievances and horror of marketing in corporate America. Marketed as hysterical and satirical, I think I missed the big ticket humor. Overall, I enjoyed the book and story on a superficial level. I'd give them both 3 out of 5 stars. The writing was intriguing enough to get me through 300 pages, and Kellan Luntz, Shiloh Fernandez, and Amber Heard made good enough characters, it just wasn't overall amusing enough to be rated any higher. The problem I had with the book and the movie was the same: shallow characters and lacking plot. The over scheme is interesting enough: who doesn't want to laugh at the idea that marketing is so bonkers that it actually works? Beyond that, the characters were static, didn't develop much, and offered little to add to the excitement. The major differences I felt between book and movie was just that the on screen performances didn't necessarily match the witty characters I found in the book. I love Maxx Barry's wit, and that was sad to miss. Though I think he does it much better in other books. A good book to read through in a day or two, or a movie to watch when you're bored, but not a must see or read.

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