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We were alive and full of youthful energy, some days not sleeping at all. We bid goodbye to the last BOO Party and headed off to Central Park to take a walk.. I vividly remember washing my face with antiperspirant and sweating through my forehead for long hours.. They were gone from Central Park.

It was recorded as a video by my friends. It was taken down to my surprise. What I found later it contained a party sound recording, which was claimed and defended by various labels. We don't know now what you can do to put music in youtube videos. However, I do know that 2conv is my amazing website, where you can download Youtube videos for free and convert them to MP4 files for your Macbook or laptop. It can also be downloaded on your smartphone.. All you have to do is forward the URL to 2conv and then download the video to my computer. Unfortunately it was too late, so I had to contact the member who was five years old who was not heard from, but we had a good chat.

Everybody must ensure to not claim anything in their videos or music. If you are making use of someone else's work, likeness or money, they might delete your video , or claim you earned money from creating the video. They then ask for one dollar for every 3 million views. You go on drinking binge, erase the video and hope that there's nothing to happen.

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