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Milk substitute has become a popular alternative to milk products in recent years. Many people are looking to substitute milk for the lactose intolerance, weight problems or other nutritional needs that milk may represent. Milk substitutes do not contain all of the calories and nutrients of regular milk but can still help those who may be lactose intolerant, diet conscious or just want to eliminate those extra calories in their diet. Milk substitutes are generally low in fat but high in protein. This makes them a popular choice among dieters who are looking to cut back on fatty foods.

There are a number of packaged dairy substitutes from a popular Western grocery store these days. One of the more common is "white" evaporated milk. This is milk that has been "evolved" and then turned into a consistency similar to that of regular dairy. Often this product is flavored with fruit juices, sugar or additional flavoring. Coffee Mate, a soy-based substitute coffee drink, is another common dairy substitute.

بديل الحليب

Nuts are another type of food products that make good milk substitutes. They can also be used to replace regular milk in baking, stirred in sauces or can be mixed into regular milk for breakfast cereal. Some nut milks are even enriched and contain high levels of calcium. They can be found in health food stores as well as at major department stores like Walmart, Target and Publix.

There are many recipes call for almond milk or almond meal. For example, one popular deluxe creamy recipe calls for 1 tablespoon each of skim milk, whole milk, egg and yogurt. Substituting these items in different recipes gives you the versatility to create unique variations to satisfy any taste bud.

Calcium and vitamin D are just two of the main ingredients in non-dairy milk substitutes. For example, non-dairy hot cocoa has enough calcium to help boost milk substitutes for breakfast. In addition, you may want to consider adding a little extra vitamin D daily. The sunshine vitamin helps absorb calcium and phosphorous and some studies have linked insufficient amounts with an increased risk of tooth decay.

Another milk substitute you might consider is yogurt and sour cream. You can bake goods like bread, cookies and cakes in a yogurt and sour cream flavored combination. This is an excellent combination to use on fruit cakes. Just add enough yogurt to the batter to ensure it doesn't clump or become too runny. If you are looking for the flavor of sour cream, however, you can also substitute vanilla extract.

If you're considering making a baby milk replacement or switching to a new milk product, look for a variety of plant milk brands. These milk substitutes offer the protein and other nutrients your infant needs but don't use artificial colors or flavors. The plant milk may also be fortified with iron, zinc and other vitamins. Look for plant milks that list iron as an ingredient, or take a supplement of iron and other vitamins if you're feeding your infant formula as part of a healthy diet.

There are other milk alternatives for lactose intolerant people like almond milk and soy milk. The milk substitutes aren't usually fortified like regular milk but they can still provide your infant with the needed calcium. In addition to being a good source of calcium, the milk from these products can help your child stay fuller longer throughout the day, which will help them avoid many snacks and empty calories.

For lactose intolerant people, rice milk is often the best milk substitute for recipes vegan or dairy milk-free. Look for a rice milk recipe that uses all-natural ingredients and has been created by someone who uses rice milk as a dietary supplement. A rice milk recipe can provide your baby with the calcium and other nutrients they need from the milk itself, without any additives. Some rice milk substitute recipes can be found online.

Many nut, seed and nut-based milks contain trace amounts of protein, fats, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients your body needs. However, they lack the cholesterol and saturated fat that dairy and meat provide. Soy and hemp milk does not use whey and casein, two of the key allergens in milk that may cause an allergic reaction in infants. They also lack the fat and cholesterol that are commonly found in cow's milk. By choosing soy or hemp milk you are giving your infant the best possible food choices for a healthier life.

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