Radio and Television advertising

Radio and TV advertising in India

Both the mediums aim at getting maximum audience attention but their ways of doing so are advertising


· Audible medium only

advertising the brand

· Radio prime time is from 6am to 10 am and 3-7pm.

· Best suited for informative content ads such as government information, real estates, financial services, healthcare ads etc.

· Less expensive

· Has mass reach


· Radio catches the audience attention on the move, especially during office commuting hours, when they are either driving back to home or stuck in traffic jams.


· Audio and visual medium

· The audience can see the product and therefore the product image is clear in viewer’s mind.

· TV prime time is from 8pm to 11pm.

· Best suited for products that has visual appeal such as cosmetics, clothing, home furnishing etc.

· Expensive than other traditional advertising mediums.

· Has mass reach and visibility.

· With the launch of smart TV, the traditional TV is transformed into a device to stream content online and offline both.

· TV is viewed by people when they are at home. Often watched in leisure time which is mostly between 7-11pm.

televisionadvertising campaign

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