What exactly are smart mirrors?

Smart mirrors in retail are designed to help you shop better. Imagine there are 20 pairs of different hues of white jogger designs, and you’re looking for that special one in petite size. Instead of going through countless racks, and perhaps even digging through the hidden on-sale pile of a store corner, you can now easily locate what you want, and try them on virtually with a simple mirror.

smart mirror

Smart mirrors like iMirror can help you shop your favorite brands without having to go through the conventional sales process. So you may ask why are retailers choosing smart mirrors?

Companies like Magic Mirror are introducing new ways for retailers to make their products available. This creates a hassle-free way for both consumers and retailers when customers can shop through a smart mirror. Much like the kiosks you see in airports and restaurants, smart mirrors will make shopping much easier. Below we break down how these Magic mirrors make shopping easier.

Quick product purchase

Most brands have hundreds of products. With smart mirrors, you can shop with specific SKU to fund what you are looking for quickly.

Additionally, you don’t have to wait in line to try things in a changing room. You choose amd try out what you want to buy through AR within the smart mirror.

A germ-free purchase

In conventional retail stores, a lot of clothing items are being tried on by different customers, and some are often left with makeup stains around the neck. With smart mirrors you can have a germ-free purchase.

Accurate measurements

With smart mirrors, you can have clothing that is in accordance with your exact measurements. This way you won’t have to spend time returning or exchanging clothing items.

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