My personal story isn't filled with much depth. I was born, attended school, worked, fought to finally achieve something online.. However, it also has some traumatic moments when I thought everything was lost for ever. One of those times was when my computer at home ceased to respond. But after a bit of tinkering, getting new desktops and moving the hard drive from my old one to the new one I was able to restore all the work on the drive. It took me three days of sweating and metaphorical tears... However, I did learn one fact: Dropbox and personal FTP servers can be used to backup my work every day automatically and manually.

However, it isn't the best option. The more data you store in your online storage, the more have to spend to preserve it. It's very simple and seems secure. It's also easy to access and downloadable from anywhere that has internet connectivity. But what about times that WiFi or an internet connection is not available? I find it very comforting to always carry my laptop, as it acts as my last resort for backups. I have two drives, each with a RAID stack. They copy each others and ensure that there is at least one copy in case one of the HDDs crashes. I just copy things there, usually, and very rarely do I need to make the laptop work, this way I'm hoping two drives will not go out at the same time..


the site I use, it helps me download videos from Youtube, Instagram and Facebook among other places that contain most of my live streams. I'm a fan of politics and underground movements so I record a lot of live events, and store them for later usage. I then post them to my Youtube channel and save it onto my computer. This is how I do it. This lets me cross-posting videos across different platforms. Not only can I share Youtube videos on Facebook and Twitter, but I can also upload that video directly onto Facebook. It's its own video. And so it happens, I have three TB of live feeds I've conducted over the past eight years. Periscope Lives aren't going away.. It helps me greatly.

It works like a charm. The video I wish to save on Periscope or Youtube is opened. I copy the URL by using the share button. After that, I go to the site for downloading videos then copy the URL and hit the big button. In a matter of moments, I'm presented with multiple choices to download the video. Periscope is not accessible on all sites.

By the way, if you weren't aware that you could make windows copy commands that allow you to combine these fragments and make a normal 1 long video file. This happens due to the video format used for the video fragments - Mpeg TS or transport stream. The stream contains all the details needed to decode every fragment. They are independent of one another, allowing every newcomer to stream smoothly. It also saves data from browsers, too. Instead of downloading a 1hr file it downloads 360x 10 second files. If you only watch for 25 seconds, your player downloads only 3-4 pieces. The current 25-second stretch includes 3-4 fragments. This cuts down the total download time, as it only downloads 25 seconds prior to the start of the stream.

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