Finding Custom Printed Stylish Notebooks Online in Melbourne!

Custom printed notebooksCustom printed notebooks

custom printed notebooks

Consider eco-friendly notebooks

Eco-friendly promotional products are becoming popular these days because consumers absolutely love them. More people want to minimise their impact on the environment, choosing brands that promote sustainability and green practices. Making customised eco-friendly products can help you appeal to your consumers’ emotions and interests because these notebooks are made from recycled materials. They look raw and effortlessly stylish, too!

Pick high-quality paper

custom printed notebooks

Look for multi-functional notebooks

Notebooks come in a wide range of styles and materials to choose from. Some notebooks even have reinforced pockets or zipper pockets where people can keep their phones and other small belongings. Others come with sticky notes and slots for business cards. They make great promotional items because they are multi-functional!

Choose your artwork wisely

Don’t go overboard with printing your logos and taglines on the notebooks. These may cause people to not use your gifts at all. Make sure that the artwork suits the notebook. The key is to keep everything simple. After all, notebooks are made for scribbling or writing. If you are planning on printing artwork on every page, keep it small. It should not take more than 20% of the space. This ensures that’s there’s still more than enough to write on.

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