4 reasons you should take Shnuggle bath NZ

Shnuggle bath NZ

Comfortable for baby

Shnuggle baths have been designed with such a model where this is comfortable for any baby. It has a bum bump support and back support. Inside the tub, there is enough space to keep a baby properly. And all those things are enough to give a proper bath to your baby.

Maintain proper hygiene

This bathtub is made of hard plastic. In research, this is proof that hard plastic is more hygienic than grade 3 type plastic. Because the Shnuggle is not a germs magnate, you will have the best hygiene insurance for it. In a sense, this is too important to your baby and your future.

Durable building structure

I found the Shnuggle is too durable. Its handle is wrapped with rubber. Even to make it safe from getting slip out, there it has used the rubber leg. Even after prolonged use, I found this is still usable and still in good condition. Since this is durable, you will never need more than one tub for your baby.

Value for money

In the market, you will have this bathtub at only 80 dollars. On the other hand, there are some other tubs you will have those more than 100 USD. But those things contain similar features for your bathtub. Even most of the bathtub does not have a large number of color option of Shnuggle. On the other hand, Shnuggle has at least 5 color variants.

This is weird if you were looking for quality in the budget. Because quality and the features are not cheap, you must pay money to have the quality. In that range, Shnuggle is not too expensive. And this is providing value. I hope you will get this bathtub for your baby because it will keep your baby back safe and will not kill your time. At the same time, this is durable, and one tub is enough for the next 14th month of his life. Stay safe with your family.

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