Portable Blender Market: Information by Material (Plastic, Glass, Steel), Distribution Channel (B2B and B2C), and Region — Forecast till 2029

The global portable blender market is projected to witness a faster growth rate in the coming years, owing to the strong economic growth and rise in per capita incomes. The increasing pace of change in the global portable blender market is attributed to digitalization, growing middle-class, and increased consumer purchasing power. The versatile attributes of the blender with cost-saving benefits are providing an impetus to the demand. Moreover, the increasing popularity of healthy smoothies and milkshakes among the health-conscious populace is accelerating the market growth. Globally, there is a surge in the consumer's household spending, which is expected to uplift the market for portable blenders.

Rapid urbanization and growing residential construction, particularly in the emerging economies are driving the demand for portable blenders. The growing working populace and dual-income households around the world are further propelling the demand for the product. North America and Europe are predicted to experience substantial growth in the global portable blenders market as dual-earner households are the norm in the regions. According to the Working Families Data, in 2019 more than 76% of households in the U.K are dual-income. A similar growth trajectory was observed in the U.S. with over 58% of households having dual earners. The escalation in the number of dual-income families is anticipated to foster global market growth during the forecast period, 2017–2029.

More Detail:https://straitsresearch.com/report/portable-blender-market/

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