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Tigris Gold Refinery


Office: +971-4-2262115

Dealing office: Landline: +971-4-2767525

Gold refinery: Landline: +971-6-5527773

Tigris Gold Refinery, the leading goldsmith in Dubai


Tigris Gold Refinery

June 29, 2021, U.A.E.: The Gold Souk or Gold Souk is a market in the Deira district of Dubai. It is the Al Dhagaya locality where the market operates. This Souk is a marketplace for about 400 jewelry traders and other retailers. It manages to attract a vast number of tourists every year. Tigris Gold Refinery FZCO is a renowned gold refinery situated in the emirate of Sharjah. It was established in Dubai in 2005 and has employed some of the most advanced technology. It operates mainly from Dubai and Sharjah. The former supports the head office and trading activities, while the latter is where its refinery is situated. Tigris Gold is a certified bullion wholesale trader and is a well-reputed dealer in precious metals and stones.

The company has several other names for the array of services it provides, namely, Tigris Jewellery FZCO, Tigris Jewellery LLC, Tigris Petroleum DMCC, and of course, Tigris Gold Refinery FZCO. It has received immense recognition from national and international bodies for its transparency and sustainability in its operations. Among the values they abide by the most, they place quality assurance, customer satisfaction, and revolutionary technology on top of their priority list. The refinery delivers services and results to their best ability. It uses the most advanced technology available for the same. 


The company also renders gold and bullion trading services, including OTC trading, smelting, assay, refinery services, minting, investments, retails, wholesale bullion, and sale of gold jewelry. It is a certified bullion trader and has been recognized as the best in the business by several leading global platforms. The Gold Refinery firmly believes in leadership by example, transparency, client-focus, integrity, and employee-centered behavior as its core values.

The business is owned and headed by Mr. Mohammed Hammoodi Hashim Alabid. With over 250 employees working relentlessly and hassle-free fashion, Tigris Gold has grown to be one of U.A.E.'s most well-known refineries. As far as the refining is concerned, Tigris Gold Refinery hosts the largest refinery in the region with a mammoth capacity for evaluation and processing of gold. In 2013, it contributed over $117 billion to the top gold-mining economies. The basic principles that the company is fuelled by are customer orientation, growth, security, attention to detail, and tireless hard work. Tigris Gold Refinery works relentlessly to provide customers with the best services or results. It ensures customer satisfaction and employs methods to retain them as well. These methods also help it in further induction of customers and speeding up of sales. 


The industry of precious metals and stones in Dubai is watched over by the Dubai Metals and Commodities Centre. On February 21, 2005, the DMCC announced the DMCC Dubai Good Delivery List, which aimed to strengthen Dubai's position as the leading gold center in the region. The announcement laid out specifications that a refinery was to adhere to and enlisted in the DMCC's Dubai Good Delivery List. Refineries were directed to maintain stringent creditworthiness standards, specific financial parameters, competency in their operations, and detailed product procedures.

Furthermore, the small gold bars produced were required to match the standards of weight, marks, appearance, and fineness. The List is designed to improve the distribution and traceability of small gold bars. Along similar lines, the Tigris Gold matches these standards and is enlisted in the Dubai Good Delivery List.

Additionally, to add to its belt of achievements, the refinery also has the London Bullion Market Association on its side. It is a member of the Responsible Jewellery Council. As far as its recognitions go, it is certified under the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, enlisted under the Dubai Good Delivery List, and is certified by the ISO or International Organization for Standardization.


At the start of 2020, a Facebook user posted an ad saying they needed a certain amount of gold. That advertisement gathered multiple votes and opinions, amongst which most favored or preferred was Tigris Gold due to its relatively lower prices. According to 99Corporates, the Tigris Gold Refinery is rated 5 out of 5 stars. Also, Tigris Gold is rated as one of the best jewelry traders in the U.A.E. On the other hand, many Google reviews have caused it to have 4.3 stars rating by Google. When asked about what inevitability drove the refinery to the top of the gold market, the company responded by saying, "teamwork, establishing a pleasant workplace, and paying workers fairly according to their performance is vital to driving Dubai employees to outstanding levels; of success." As one of its core philosophies, exceedingly important in today's generation, is the availability of equal opportunity for all workers, regardless of their gender, religion, race, or ethnicity.

Tigris Gold Services places customers' needs at the top. It works in every way possible to lead to customer retention and satisfaction. The business, by principle, does not involve unethical or shady deals. These deals include questionable and ambiguous transactions. The refinery serves in a committed, dedicated and honest manner. All members or employees of the organization adhere to these values. On the legal front, it refrains from breaking any law, rules, or regulations. It strictly follows the growth potential of all customers and all other entities of the market.


Ethics run deep in the veins of every worker employed in the Tigris Gold. Each of them must comply with the regulations to uphold the highest possible standards of organizational behavior. It deals with all complaints, if any, most respectfully and amicably. The response is usually prompt and always fair. The fact that it has been enlisted under DGCX and Dubai Gold Delivery only serves as evidence supporting the claim. The company undertakes responsible gold mining, keeping several environmental and socio-economic concerns in check. Its money and gold laundering policies include the prevention of such activities. The Tigris Gold has established a solid base in the Emirates as far as its operations are concerned. It is now looking forward to expanding its operations to Istanbul and Nepal.


For more information about the company, visit: https://tigrisgold.com/

You can also reach out to them at:

Office: M-24, Gold Centre building, Deira, Dubai, U.A.E

Dealing office: D5, Floor 5th, Al Mas Tower, JLT, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, U.A.E

Gold refinery: 400 M2 Warehouse Q4 – 286&287, P.O.BOX 120811, Sharjah, U.A.E

TIGRIS GOLD Refinery is a prominent name amongst bullion traders and refineries. Over the years, Tigris Gold Refinery Dubai has evolved as a name of credence and is being recognized to have been strictly abiding by the legitimate mechanism of sourcing/sales of metal. TIGRIS GOLD REFINERY FZE, 8FVP+CVG - Saif Zone, SHARJAH, United Arab Emirates +971-6-5527773
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