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We are turning clicks into customers!

IGX is a leading digital marketing agency in Bangalore, where we do not believe that our work is over once the service is delivered. We believe that it begins after the service generates. We want to make success stories of brands that glow the brightest within the digital space. Our aim is to imprint value on a brand so that it knits a beautiful success story.

Our salient features include:


We want our clients to be the best for which we promise EXCELLENCE & nothing less than that is what we deliver.


IGX has a strong sense of what is right. We understand that honesty and mutual trust is vital to foster relationships with our clients.


Nothing is under the wraps at IGX. If there are no grey areas & we shall not let our clients get lost in the fog of ignorance.

Total commitment:

At IGX, we are a team passionate about our work. We love what we do & it never works for us. It drives our commitment & we do not find solace until we get the job done in the best way possible!

Personalized service:

Every business problem is different. These problems need personalized solutions. So, we make sure that we ask a LOT of questions, get to know what exactly is in need and provide Personalized Service.

Our passion is to tug the strategies and make digital marketing one of the best routes to drive business for a brand to succeed. We passionately want our clients to seize and take over the digital arena & for every customer that our clients win; we take pride in collecting feathers to our cap!

Our digital marketing Experts merge your needs with their skills and create beautiful campaigns that give stupendous ROI.

We at IGX do not believe in providing only services. Instead, we provide hope and build aspirations. Our vision & mission is to give your business soar to the topmost sky!


You can also write to InnogenX at or directly talk to our team at +91 9901972889

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