The Man With the Only Hand

This is a story of 1938, of a person named Karoly Takacs(who was in the Hungarian army).

He was the best pistol shooter in his country of his time. He had won all the national championships of his country.

Everyone was hundred percent sure, Karoly will get the gold medal in Olympics in 1940s.

He had practiced for years for making his hand, the best pistol shooting hand. And he was going to prove it in the next Olympic in 1940.

In 1938, While in the training an accident happened.When he was throwing a hand granade, and it blowed his hand and helost his best hand.

He lost everything, literally everything, all his dreams were gone.

But he didn't gave up, he didn't focused on what he lost but focused on what he had, I.e. his left hand.

After one month of treatment, he started training of his left hand.

And after one year, in 1939,when national championships were going on he returned.

All other participants congrats him, and said this is called sportsmanship, you are here to support us after what had happened with you.

No one knew that he was training his left hand from last one year.

He replied, “I'm not here to support you, I'm here to compete with you, GET READY!”

And the competition begun, everyone was competing with their best hand, but he was competing with his only hand.

Who won??

The man with the only hand.

But he didn't stop here, his goal was clear, to make his hand the best shooting hand in the world. And he started training for Olympics of 1940.

But 1940s Olympics were cancelled due to world War.

1944 Olympics were also cancelled.

But he didn't have up, and started training for 1948 Olympics.

He was 28 in 1938 and now he was 38 in 1948, approximately 10 years elder than his competents.

But he went to compete with the best pistol shooters, who were competing with their best hand, but he was competing with his only hand.

And guess who won??

The Man With The Only Hand.

He didn't stop there.

1952 Olympics, all were competing with their best hand and he was competing with his only hand.

And guess who won??

Karoly.. The Man with the only hand.

He made the world record, because no one had ever won back to back two gold medals in pistol shooting.

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