"Joseon Gunman": Lee Jun Ki & Nam Sang Mi's Bittersweet Kiss

While episode 3 delivered a fireworks of happiness for our OTP, episode 4 of Joseon Gunman will bring lots of tears and heartache. With his life spiraling down, it seems Yoon Kang will be forced to flee, separating him from Soo In. At a river dock where a boat waits, Yoon Kang and Soo In embrace as tears touch their desperate faces; they are clearly overcome by their ill fate. With emotions pouring out of him, Yoon kisses her, their goodbye tender yet harsh. If this is supposed to be their first kiss, then the moment is even more heartbreaking! The scene was filmed last month in Daecheongdo, and Lee Jun Ki and Nam Sang Mi had built up so much emotion during their brief rehearsal that it easily flowed out when the cameras began rolling.

Oh! To be ALIVE!! What a blessing!
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