What is pistachio butter and how it is made

We took the world's most underestimated nuts and transformed them into a delectable expansion to your every day schedule! This container isn't just carefully assembled with power-stuffed, vegetarian, sans gluten and every regular pistachio, it's likewise produced using the most delicious kind - Turkish pistachios (PDO).

Our top notch 'Boz Inner Pistachio' is the mystery behind our stunning consistency and flavor profile. This kind of Pistachio is utilized to put the world on the map Baklava from Turkey just as heavenly pistachio gelato from Italy - and presently you can utilize this rich character in your kitchen to make new flavors.

Our 80% Pistachio Butter is the ideal formula for every day extravagances and making astonishing new plans!

Fixings: Turkish Antep Pistachios (Protected Designation of Origin), Natural Beet Sugar. Item doesn't contain any additional vegetable or creature oils other than normally happening pistachio oil.

Allergen Information: Produced in a creation office that handles hazelnuts, almonds, peanuts, pistachio, pecans and dairy items. Our dairy items are dealt with in discrete lines to forestall cross-tainting.


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