Digital Sports Platforms: Controlling Content and Connecting with Fans Using Technology and Data


Sports & Entertainment is delivering a revolutionary digital approach by collecting a broad collection of data points based on fan interaction with applications, physical activities, event attendance, social media, player and team success on the field of play, and more. A foresighted digital strategy can use this data to alter how spectators watch and enjoy games, how organizations run venues, and how players and their trainers play and instruct sports.

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The digital sports platform provides the venue with unprecedented operational savings through cost reduction, condition-based maintenance, and real-time monitoring. It can also assist in boosting the 'home field advantage' on game days by giving contextually intelligent information to increase spectators' immersion in the game.

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Contextually intelligent information provides the appropriate fan with the right experience at the right time and location. Using the fan profile to guarantee that messages, material, gamification, and other elements are highly relevant and provided via the appropriate channel ensures that the conversation hits a fan's emotions.

Smart sports and entertainment companies are organizing data and services within digital platforms to control their content and fan engagement.

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