The most effective way to treat gas is by prevention, since common OTC drugs (i.e. simethicone) are not proven to be very effective. Gas causing foods: 1. Carbohydrate or fiber-rich foods 2. Fried or fatty foods 3. Fiber dietary supplements (i.e. Metamucil, Benefiber) 4. Beans and cruciferous vegetables 5. Dairy products, if lactose intolerant 6. Gluten, if gluten intolerant. Try these suggestions: 1. Try eating in smaller portions, and more slowly. Gas is caused by accidentally ingesting air with food. 2. Chew thoroughly and don't gulp. One way to eat more slowly is to put down your eating utensil after each bite. Or eat with an engaging friend, to encourage conversation! 3. Exercise. 4. Avoid chewing gum, drinking through straws, sucking on hard candies, or drinking soda. 5. If you must use an OTC medicine, taking Beano with the first bite of gas-causing foods may reduce gas.

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