How do I Recover My Google Account ?

Recovering a Google account is a necessity for those who wish to obtain it through its customer service. You can learn about getting your account back use it without any issue through valid recovery methods. Among all many users accomplish their Google account recovery task through the use of the alternative email address. This is a great method to verify their identity and confirm it using all its services. Anyone can use it through the following steps.

Launch the official Google account website and click on its login option to reach the sign-in page.

Enter the valid username by entering the registered email Id or contact number to find your account.

After this, click on the Forgot Password link to open the account recovery web page and start its process.

Navigate to the account recovery section, where you get the alternative email address to use it.

Check the email ID and press the send button to get the confirmation code in the inbox of that email.

Open the mail and get the recovery code to enter that in the necessary section for verifying its identity.

Now, create a new password by following the mandatory criteria and re-enter the newly generated password for confirmation.

Google Account Recovery Phone Number

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