What Do I Do If I Don't Get my Refund from Royal Jordanian?

What Can Travelers Do If They Don't Get a Refund from Royal Jordanian Airlines?

For travelers who are concerned whether they will get a refund from Royal Jordanian Airlines or not? As per guidelines, the airline does offer a refund if requested within one year of the issue date. And in case of a lapse of 11 months, the traveler can request the refund directly once the traveler provides identification proof.

What to Do If Royal Jordanian Does Not Offer a Refund?

When the airline denies a refund, the traveler can contact the Royal Jordanian Airlines representative and request a refund against their reservations and get details on the refund denial.

But, if Royal Jordanian does not offer a refund to its customers, then these can be the possible reasons:

1. The fare type does not allow a refund after the cancellation.

2. Travelers have requested a refund after the lapse of the refund request period.

how do I get a refund from Royal Jordanian

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