The story of Kodi Professional

Kodi Professional

There are no hazardous and toxic substances for human health in the composition of the materials. Acrylic bases and gel nail polishes from Kodi Professional brand have high strength, thanks to which they are perfectly held on the nails and their wearing period increases. The brand's product range contains everything you need to create a high-quality and neat manicure and pedicure. 

The quality of the manufacturer is confirmed by ISO, which allowed the brand to get a great trust from a huge number of nail technicians all over the world. Who would have thought that the Ukrainian brand would become so popular in Europe and the CIS? 

Kodi Professional takes care of its reputation and regularly proves its professionalism by participating in various events, such as congresses and conferences. 

A large number of awards for the brand confirms its high quality and attentive attitude to clients. Experienced masters of manicure prefer materials from Kodi Professional, because thanks to them they have a lot of rave reviews from their customers. This is the product that you can always be sure of. 

To summarize, we can say that Kodi Professional is a super popular brand of manicure materials, which is famous for the durability and safety of its products, which can be used both in the salon and at home. 

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