Amazing Health Benefits of Manuka Honey

Manuka honey has had a large number of fans over the last few decades. People are not just excited by its rich taste but also about its health benefits. People love to slather onto their toast and mix it into their tea. But, do you know the varied benefits of Manuka honey? What is Manuka honey good for?

It is believed that most types of honey possess some bacteria-killing process. This is because honey contains hydrogen peroxide, a compound that is highly used as an antiseptic. Manuka honey is used to soothe a sore throat, lessen inflammation and improve digestion issues. Honey has strong antiseptic, antimicrobial, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory properties.

Here we will list the benefits of Manuka honey, which will help you before buying.

1.It is anti-bacterial

Manuka honey has antibacterial properties due to Methylglyoxal (MG) and hydrogen peroxide in it. It has been proven for years to be a powerful weapon against illness-causing bacteria. Not only it kills bugs, but it provides moisture and nourishment. This is why honey has been used as a treatment for wounds and illnesses for centuries. Is Manuka honey also beneficial to you daily? Yes, it is.

· You can use it as a treatment for keeping acne, burns and wounds clean and lubricated.

· Flick a Manuka honey and tea tree formula on acne.

· You can rub Manuka honey on cuts or skin infections.

· You can use it to help kill mouth and throat infections.

Manuka honey is sanctioned for clinical use in Australia as it has numerous advantages when it comes to dressing wounds. Applying honey on wounds aids to remove any diseased matter and clear the wound of dirt and debris. Also, the anti-inflammatory effects of Manuka honey lessen tissue swelling. Not only that, this honey seems to vitalize the immune system to regenerate tissue more quickly.

This particular honey is used for healing burns because burn wounds heal faster if kept moist. Moreover, using honey on wounds means the bandage is less likely to stick to it, which means dressings are less painful to change and more gentle on regenerating tissues. With all these positive benefits, it can be an effective way to fix skin diseases. Manuka is undoubtedly quicker, easier and cheaper than any other remedy.

Honey has been used as the best remedy to soothe sore throat and coughs for years. The honey creates a soothing layer on the throat which reduces irritation and kills bacteria at the same time.

Many people use Manuka honey as a face mask to treat acne. The research shows that honey inhibits the growth of the bacteria that causes acne.

2.Using Manuka Honey for oral health

You might find it odd, but it can fight oral bacteria to reduce plaque formation on the teeth. It is even being used to treat symptoms of gum disease like gingivitis. You might feel weird to think of something sweet being healthy for your gums and teeth. But research has shown that the antimicrobial properties of honey can fight against oral conditions. Keeping the gums and teeth healthy can aid you to have a healthy heart. It may sound strange, but that is the fact.

If you are suffering from gingivitis, you may talk to your dentist before consuming Manuka honey as a natural remedy. Research has shown that the nasty bugs are killed by rubbing Manuka honey on damaged gum tissue, and the cells are stimulated to begin healing.

3.It supports healthy digestion

Digestive issues are very common these days in our stressful and busy society. Weak digestion is one of the most heard issues among people these days. And if you do not have a healthy digestion system, you may feel uneasiness for the whole day. Well, it might sound weird, but Manuka honey can help. It has special enzymes that enter the gut and help to break down and digest food efficiently. Well, honey is pre-biotic, which means it provides food for those healthy, helpful bacteria we have living in our gut.

To have a healthy digestive system, add Manuka honey to your favorite smoothies, tea, or you can have a teaspoon each morning before breakfast. Consuming honey with Luke warm water every morning helps you remain active all day and also helps you lose weight.

4.Manuka honey boosts your energy and support immunity

While working a full day, you may feel like taking a nap at your desk, instead take a spoonful of Manuka honey. It can provide you with a hit of energy to keep you active to tackle the day. As honey contains healthy carbohydrates, natural sugars and nutrients, it helps you boost your energy level. It is known that some athletes choose Manuka honey to fuel themselves while workout or training sessions. If you don’t like taking it directly, you may prefer taking it in water. It is far healthier than taking energy drinks or any pre-workout drink.

Moreover, Manuka honey contains a special compound that aids in increasing the production of the chemical called a cytokine, which sparks the production of the cell, which support and boost the immune system.

5.Helps prevent gastric ulcers

As per research, it is found that when Manuka honey is consumed, it may slow down the growth of a type of bacteria that causes gastric ulcers. Its antioxidant properties may also help lessen inflammation in bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and irritable bowel syndrome.

Is Manuka honey safe to use

Manuka honey is safe to consume for most people, and you can consume 1 to 2 tablespoons every day to experience the reported benefits. Avoid consuming more than 2 tablespoons of Manuka honey a day, as it is high in sugar. If you are a diabetic patient or allergic to bees, you can consult your doctor before consuming Manuka honey. Make sure you should not give any honey to children under age 1.

Where to buy Manuka honey?

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