DWI Lawyer Can Save You From A Second DWI Charge

Having been convicted of a DWI offense is a really serious concern for the convict. But many people are aware of the actual reason for pulling over a car for a DWI offense. For that, they need to know what driving while intoxicated means under Baton Rouge law. While driving while intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or any other drug is illegal in the US, different states have laid down different laws on their citizens regarding such crimes and imposed different penal actions.

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Effect Of A Felony Charge

A felony DWI charge can have a devastating effect on your life as you can have your license suspended with immediate effect and can send you behind the bars for a long period if the evidence collected works against you. In addition, you might be ordered to undergo alcohol education, take up an alcohol treatment program, and indulge in community service, house arrest, and much more. Even a first-time offender can be charged with a felony offense if there is the presence of certain aggravating factors such as the presence of alcohol or drugs or a minor child in the vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. The more serious consequences of a felony charge include a loss of the right to vote, obtain a passport or purchase a firearm.

If you are a resident of the US you might be prohibited from any future government assistance and if you are a resident of any other place you might also have to face deportation. So, the best way to avoid such severe punishment is not to drink while behind the wheels of a vehicle. But if you are already in the process of facing a felony charge the only option available before you is to get hold of an aggressive and experienced lawyer to tactfully handle the facts of the case and the evidence collected against you.

Defending A Second DWI Offense

A person is susceptible to facing a second DWI offense if he or she already has a DWI charge registered in his or her name or if the BAC level in the blood of the convict exceeded 0.15% in the first offense itself. The penalties for a second DWI or a felony charge can be much higher than a first-time DWI offense and even beyond the imagination and expectation of the suspect. In such a case only an experienced and skilled DWI lawyer in Baton Rouge will be able to successfully defend the charges leveled against his client.

The first and foremost step that should be taken is to find out the mistakes in the evidence collected against you or suppress them by tactful means if possible. Next is to discuss the details of the case with you to gather any evidence that might work in your favor. The primary goal of a responsible lawyer is to try and make the legal procedure as smooth as possible so that you do not face any hindrance during your stay within legal custody. However, under certain circumstances, the convict might be allowed to get released from jail on satisfying certain conditions like installation of Ignition Interlock Device, taking part in Community service, and the like. But all this can only be availed under the vigilance of a professional DWI lawyer.

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