Was Jesus 6ft 7inch Tall?

How Tall Jesus Was?

Jesus grew in wisdom, stature, favor with God and men. (Luke 2:52).

Guess the only almost identical verse of luke 2:52?

How Old Was Jesus When He Was Crucified?

Samuel, the child, grew in stature and favor with both the Lord and the men. (1 Samuel 2:26).

We can predict Jesus and Samuel probably the same height.

If we know Samuel’s height, then we can determine Jesus’ height.

We can determine how tall Saul was by knowing Samuel’s height.

“And he had a handsome and choice son, whose name was Saul. He was the most beautiful person among Israel’s children. “From his shoulders up, he was taller than any of the people” (1 Samuel 9:2).

The measurement from shoulder to head is at least a span of 9 inches.

Saul was the tallest in Israel at that time.

the second tallest person was at his shoulders.

The difference between saul and second tallest Israel will be nine inches or a span.

Obviously, Samuel was among the second tallest person in Israel at that time. 

the average person was shorter than Samuel because he grew in structure and favor both with Lord and men Samuel (2:26).

If Samuel’s height was average, then it is unnecessary to write he grow in stature.

Lets me show you why Jesus height was not average in scriptures;

Jesus loved the disciple

Now john cannot lean on Jesus’ bosom if Jesus’ height was average.

Jesus must be a span taller for john to lean on him.

The tells us Samuel was a span taller than the average Israeli at that time.

Now we must understand that Israeli maintain a kosher diet during Samuel and Jesus’ time unit now. 

So their average height is not changing that much.

Right now Israeli average height is 5ft 9inch/1.77m.

considering their average height is the same as Samuel’s time, Samuel’s height should be around 6ft 6inch/1.98m.

Saul’s height should be around 7ft 3inch/2.20m.

Jesus was 6ft 7inch/2.01m tall and strong.

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