Make the best of a long flight or train ride to work with public training seminars and video podcasts

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I'd like to remind you that even though there are many hours, and possibly days of travel in a week, I try not to lose any time. When I fly, approximately half of my time playing handheld consoles or watching television via my laptop. I typically download videos from Youtube to take with me. If the seminars or DIY videos I want include something that I'll have to view as I watch the lecture later on, I save the video's mp4 files to my laptop, but some videos don't require a picture so I convert them into mp3 format so that I can listen on my phone. I can always rely on this online YouTube to MP3 converter that provides crisp audio that is high-quality for any training video or seminar that I'm watching. The audio can then be downloaded as an audio podcast. Sometimes, I have to return to the videos since I'm not able to comprehend the meaning however it's not often.

There are DIY video on my laptop quickly. I prefer to watch those that are more detailed. ASMR videos can be converted into mp3 and listened to using excellent headphones. The purr of this cat caused me to feel goosebumps. I downloaded the mp3 once. It soothes me. I think that something about the sound helps me to be able to recognize resonance and comprehend the world around me while ASMR-ing. Though I'm not one to like whispering and purring, I do love hearing cats purr and licking their faces they really enthrall me. I enjoy listening to the voice recorded by my cat when I go home in a car that is private. ASMR can make you wake up in a different manner, so make sure to not listen to it while you travel.

Youtube offers a variety of talks and seminars on various subjects. It also offers recordings of live DJ sets of electronic music festivals. They are sometimes downloaded as video mp4 files, because I like to watch them while on planes, and Internet is not always available or very slow and spotty, so I don't hold my breath. I prepare them at home and download the video or convert to mp3 at home via WiFi and such.. Sometimes I download up to 3 hours worth of music from famous DJs to listen to on the plane. I love the older generation sound that comes from UK Techno, tech-house breaks, garage, breaks and jungle. These are the best dance music artists that have made the world love it.

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