What Are The Best Parkas For Competitive Swimmers?

best parka for competitive swimmers

Here is a brief rundown on the different types of swimming cap for swimmers:

Fleece Parkas - The basic home run for competitive swimwear. The fabric used in fleece parkas is usually a high performance polyester that offers exceptional comfort.

- Nylon - A very lightweight and comfortable material for the beginning to advanced swimmers. Nylon is a very durable and flexible material that can be worn at any water resistance length. It's also highly resistant to tearing, pulling, or chafing. Nylon is also water resistant up to a certain depth, making it perfect for the beginning to advanced competitive swimmers. Due to its lightweight, nylon parkas are often a popular choice for beginning swimmers.

- Water Resistant - The best material for competitive swimmers because it provides excellent water resistance up to a certain depth. This feature is most noticeable in cold water and warm/hot conditions. The material works great at reducing chill to a bare minimum and is great for cold season swimming. Because it resists tearing, it can last years in the water. Some brands of this type of suit use a special coating that has better durability and resistance, but water resistant does not have to be a downside. Resistant may be the best feature for some.

- Durable - This type of suit has the best water resistant properties but is more prone to tearing. This is because it needs to be made out of a thick and heavy fabric that is sometimes more prone to stretch marks. But on the flip side, if this suits gets wet, the fabric quickly forms a bead on the surface of the water and dries very quickly, which also makes it more durable.

- Easy To Put On - It is easier to put on than any other swimming suit. Most swimmers will prefer putting on their water resistant wear before they put on their suit. This makes it much more comfortable as well. Putting on these suits is easier even with a strap. There's no need to put on the suit and hassle with zippers.

Overall, nylon stands out as the best parkas for competitive swimmers. This fabric is light weight, durable, breathes well and allows for easy adjustment of the fit. This type of swimwear is perfect for all ages and all types of water sports. This material is popular with athletes from all over the world.

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