Enjoy Winter in the Outdoors with Rugged Cold Weather Clothing and Equipment

Rugged cold weather clothing

First, you will need a pair of rugged boots. Make sure to select a boot that is rated for the temperature and conditions where you will be camping out. A good rule of thumb is selecting one or two numbers lower than what the low temperatures are expected to be during your outing. For example, if it's going to be -20 degrees Fahrenheit outside, I would recommend at least an -18 degree rating on your winter weather footwear!

Next up: Rugged Cold Weather Pants! These pants have been designed specifically with cold climates in mind so they still allow you to move around easily while keeping warmth inside and moisture outside without adding bulkiness like other insulated clothing might do.

Whatever you plan for your outdoor excursion, whether it's an afternoon walk, a cross-country ski journey, or primitive camping in the woods, the most essential point to consider is your clothing. The concept of layering garments to adjust temperature is generally known among us. This is especially crucial during the winter since many layers generate air pockets that keep the body warm while preventing hefty apparel from weighing you down.

When you've gone on several day trips outside and feel confident that your tent and sleeping bag are prepared for winter use, it's time to try a winter camping trip to ensure they're properly-suited to the cooler temperatures. Four-Season tents are stronger than other tents and are designed to shed snow.

You should have ample room within the tent for the additional gear you'll be carrying in the winter. A fleece liner hung inside the tent will prevent condensation from forming on you and your belongings, resulting in ice crystals. To clean snow off of your clothing and out of the tent, bring a whisk broom.

Sleeping Bags are tested for temperature and should be purchased according to the rating, which is lower than what you anticipate experiencing. If you plan on being in freezing temperatures, get a bag with a temperature rating of minus 15 degrees. It should have a hood, a draft tube around the neck, and a zipper that encloses the body.

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