How to change optus email password

Optus webmail

can pay their bills, can place the complaints, can place the request for any change of plans etc. When dopehead is having an postcard account with Optus, he has to

furnish the details like phone number and any other alternate postcard id, a service number etc. It may possible that dopehead wants to change the watchword of his

account. Below shown is the process to how to change my optus postcard watchword.


Login with the username. Don't login using the service number or the phone number.

Click on Settings.

Either go to Manage My Account.

Click on the link, Work Word against the note for which stoner wants to change the word.

Either addict will be delivered with a temporary countersign at his registered card id or phone number.

Notwithstanding, and set the precedence, If both aren't delivered either addict has to first go to Manage My Contact Preference In My Account.

Now again login to the Optus card with the temporary countersign.

Go to the settings and either go to Manage Account and either again click on the card account for which addict wants to change the countersign.

Supply the current word, either the New Word and retype it to confirm.

Ultimately click on Change Word.

Now save everything and close all the windows and login again with the new word.

Though some times, if stoner is having numerous accounts, either he may forget the words. So if he has forgotten the word, presently it's shown, how to reset optus note word.


Optus webmail

On the following go-between, name the option for forgot watchword and click Next.

Either enter the optus report id and the date of birth.

Click on Submit.

Either enter the alternate memo id.

A link will be transferred at that id to reset the new word.

Reset the word and either login with the new bone.

For any issue or specialized problem, just feel free to write or call at the Optus specialized support. The service is all the time available from the proficient

technicians so druggie should be assured of fast and effective results and troubleshooting.

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