Find Satoshi: a new NFT fitness game designed to help the environment

(October 11, 2021)fitness

Players collect in-game NFT sneakers, earn achievements, do their part for the environment by reducing carbon emissions, and even earn real money. Players level up their character and sneakers by walking, running, or jogging, later trading with other players on the market to earn GST.

When playing Find Satoshi, players are able to level up their sneakers, complete daily quests, and engage in both PVE and PVP scenarios. This article will explain more about Find Satoshi, a first of it’s kind running crypto game with a wide audience in mind.

Daily quests

Find Satoshi

There are various quests available, including daily PVE quests, weekly quests that are more difficult, and monthly quests, where players are pitted against each other to win more GST. However, the main difference to other games is the ability to earn real money or cryptocurrencies while you play.

Helping the environment

As previously mentioned, one of the main aims of the Find Satoshi app is to get people moving. Not only is this good for them physically, but it’s also great for the environment. With the added incentive of crypto, players should feel motivated to step more, whether that’s walking instead of driving to the shop, or perhaps taking their phone with them to play soccer, running this in the background.

With a goal-driven model, players will need to complete a minimum of 3,000 steps a day, enter challenges against other players, and compete to level up their sneakers, avoid debuffs, and stay ahead of their competition.

Cashing out GMT

When a certain amount of GMT is achieved, through regular steps, daily, weekly and monthly quests, and leveling up your sneakers, you’ll be able to cash out your crypto. You can either convert this to other cryptocurrencies if you have a crypto wallet set up (which we recommend) or alternatively, you can cash out in your regular currency of your country. You can also lease currencies and exchange them on the marketplace, or burn tokens to unlock new NFT sneakers. The game is designed to play it how you choose.

Find Satoshi is one of a kind, a first in the fitness world, combining crypto with fitness which will hopefully produce real-world change, helping the environment, reducing carbon emissions, and getting people active.

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