What is Meant by 220 Volts?

220 volts

220 volts

Different countries, different systems

220 volts.

So, what is voltage?

Voltage is the measure of potential difference between two points in an electrical field. To understand this, just imagine a stream of water coming from a tank. The amount of water coming out is the electrical charge, the flowing water is the electrical current, and the water pressure is the voltage. The higher the voltage, the more current is produced.

How is 120V different from 220V? Joule’s Law explains the major difference between the two in the form of an equation: Power = Voltage x Current.

220 volts

In the same way, you can’t safely plug in a 110-volt appliance in a 220-volt outlet. The appliance will be fried and get damaged because it receives too much power.

Do you really need 220-volt appliances?

Not necessarily. Some everyday appliances will work fine on 120 volts. However, some large home appliances (such as those with large motors) need twice that power to run more efficiently. These include modern washing machines, dryers, air conditioners, electric stoves, and ovens.

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