Is it possible to receive a refund on Volaris?

Do you want to find out if Volaris will refund your money? Passengers on Volaris are allowed to obtain reimbursement from the airline if they are unable to fly due to an unforeseen emergency. Passengers who satisfy certain requirements are entitled to a refund on Volaris. Please check the information provided below for more precise data on how to get a refund from Volaris.

Find out how to get your Volaris refund

Volaris refund

• Open your browser and go to the Volaris Airlines website.

• Then, on the main page, look for the My Trips section.

• Then, under the My Trips page, input your reservations code and last name, to view flights.

• After that, choose the flight for which you want a refund and submit your request.

• Finally, Volaris will accept and process your refund request.

Get familiar with Volaris flight refund policy

You should be informed of Volaris' refund policy, which also will help you determine if you might be eligible for a refund when your flight is cancelled. The following are a few essential factors to remember concerning the refund policy of Volaris.

• Before seeking a refund on a Volaris flight, the traveler must make sure that the ticket they purchased is refundable.

• Those who have booked a non-refundable ticket are not eligible for a refund, even if the flight ticket is cancelled.

• Following the deduction of the cancellation charge, the traveler will receive the refund amount in the payment method used by them originally.

• The refund will appear in your account in about 20 to 30 days. However, the period will be determined by existing bank processes, thus the airline recommends that people contact their bank.

• If your refund is approved, it will be credited to your payment link, if your method of payment doesn't somehow allow it, you will be needed to provide extra information in order to return by some other method.

Volaris customer service number

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