Supermarket surprises

I went to do a proper food shop at Homeplus late last week when I realised I could no longer live on a combination of restaurant food and convenience shop bought food! I have a secret affinity for Homeplus because it's actually British! I bet you didn't know that! Homeplus, South Korea's second largest retailer, is actually 94% owned by Tesco...who would've known? This makes for a slightly strange experience when I go shopping in Korea and find all the Tesco products I buy in the UK on the shelves in Korea in mostly the same packaging...even the clothes are the same! They've even started stocking proper cheese...I'm so happy~~^^ *On a plus side, I found ice cream that has my name on it. I mean, actually has MY NAME on it. (조안나 is 'jo-an-na' in Korean).

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