Overview About SharePoint Intranet Portal

Microsoft SharePoint is an integrated communication and collaboration platform. It's best for building portals to provide online access to a content-rich digital workspace for multiple users to collaborate, even from far away places.

One of the most important aspects of SharePoint and Intranets is employee engagement. Employees need to be able to easily go to specific websites and work with others. When an employee has trouble locating a website or a task, then he or she is less likely to use the Intranet for research and to collaborate with colleagues. When employees know where to find things and websites, they tend to be more engaged in their work. One way that SharePoint can help improve employee engagement is to make the Intranet more accessible to employees. By making the Intranet more accessible, employees are more likely to spend time participating in intranet content.

SharePoint Intranet portal

Advantages of SharePoint Inranet Portals

One advantage that SharePoint Intranets have over their older predecessors, such as Web pages, is the Intranet has many additional features. One of the main differences is the ability to create and share portals that span the Internet and connect intranets. Another feature is group collaboration. SharePoint can integrate with social networking services, and has also made it possible for groups to manage tasks through the Intranet portal.

One of the best ways to improve employee productivity is to make sure that they have easy access to the information and tools that they need. Many Intranet sites offer ready access to content and tools, but only if the browser has been customized to that specific Intranet site. To allow employees to access this information from anywhere, Microsoft SharePoint has designed six different user preferences that work in harmony with the way that they access SharePoint. These user preferences allow employees to get the most out of the way that SharePoint looks and operates.

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Other user preferences such as the Search, RSS Feed Reader, and the e-mail client all work to further enhance the user experience and provide employees with a better experience when they are using the SharePoint Intranet portal.

The SharePoint Intranet also works with the digital workplace technology known as the meshbot. The meshbot is an automated web search application that assists in searching information on websites located on the SharePoint intranet. Users can specify the exact keywords that they are looking for, and the meshbot will search through these sites until it finds relevant information.

The information that is returned to the user will be the same content that was previously located on the intranet. Some of the other features that the meshbot provides include the ability to search for relevant content based on a wide variety of keywords and the ability to enter in different locations for various types of information.

When it comes to the SharePoint Enterprise Search, users are able to search and retrieve any type of information that they may need. This is accomplished by the use of the web search application which is built into SharePoint. Once this is done, all that is required from the user is a few clicks of their mouse.

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Final Words

Another great thing about the SharePoint Intranet is that it is able to connect to Office 365, which makes it even more effective and useful. The intranet portals that connect to Office 365 allow the employees within an organization to gain access to the important information that is stored within Office 365. Because this is made possible with SharePoint, it makes it a lot easier for an individual to keep track of everything that is going on within an organization, which can be very crucial in today's business world.

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